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What says tropical better than a gorgeous hibiscus blossom blooming as art, gifts, cards and more!? These single blooms make fun, distinctive tropical round beach towels, so be sure to click the product options in Barbara-Corbett.pixels.com to find them, plus T shirts, regular towels, carryall pouches, weekender bags, portable battery chargers, pillows and more home and decor goods in addition to art options.. At a hibiscus show, amateur and commercial growers compete with single, double or miniature blooms from new varieties. When seeds are collected from the pod of a cross-pollinated hybrid plant, each seed produces a genetically different plant with its own characteristics, each of which can be whimsically named by the grower. Thus, since there can be millions of named hibiscus, it is pointless to tell you the names of the blooms. The single specimens here were winners in a Florida hibiscus show (or at least in their own growers minds). Hibiscus, also called Chinese Hibiscus, Japanese Lantern, Rose of Sharon, and Tropical Hibiscus, are large shrubs or small trees that produce large, colorful, five-petal flowers over a long season.

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